Wu's Tai Chi - Kung Fu from the royal palace in China since 1850's

TV interview of Master Wu (and I am in it! from 4:22)

This is the video I mentioned that got me into Taichi.

Basic Kung Fu applications

Basic Push Hands practice

Round form

Taichi Spear

Taichi Sword

Taichi Blade

My Wu style Tai Chi Chuan story

I graduated in electronic engineering in University of South Australia and gained two master degrees in business management later in my career path. However, as I tried to make my way up in my career and was trying to be successful in the business world, I developed back pain, knee pain and ankle pains from work before I could make my business achievement. I couldn’t walk for over 90 minutes, and I had to sit down every 30 minutes. I realized I really need to find a way to have myself fixed, and I was 34 years old. There are lots of things that money can buy, but not health. Health is priceless!!!

It was a surprise that my Tai Chi Chuan story actually began with Reiki. I am a Reiki Master and I teach Reiki now, but back in 2011, I first came across this energy healing system called Reiki, and it was similar to Qigong (a form of energy practice from China). I started Reiki and felt the energy flow within me immediately after my first attunement (reiju). I developed interest in this subtle energy (commonly known as Qi (Chinese) or Ki (Japanese)). We have a culture of practice Tai Chi Chuan as a form of Qigong, so I went out looking for a traditional Tai Chi Chuan school that can teach me not only doing the exercise, but also how to manipulate Qi.

There was a TV show in Hong Kong filmed by RTHK, a government owned TV and radio station in Hong Kong, about different martial arts, and that particular show was about Tai Chi Chuan. In the program, they interviewed different Tai Chi Chuan masters, and Master Eddie Wu was one of them, and was only one in Hong Kong. So, there I was, starting my journey of Wu style Tai Chi Chuan.

Within 1 year of practice, my body postures were corrected through the practice of Tai Chi Chuan, and my back pain, knee pain and ankle pain were gone without knowing. Furthermore, I feel lighter, more balance, more flexible, and energetic! I want to know more about it, how and why it works. So I studied sport massages (muscles), various stretching techniques (tendons and fascia), Chinese chiropractic (bones and joints), and acupressure (meridians and acupoints) to gain the knowledge of the human body from different aspects. And here I am, starting a training centre of myself in Sydney to share my understanding and experience of Wu style Tai Chi Chuan, how to do it correctly, and hopefully beneficial to everyone.